Twinkle’s tongue scares Akshay Kumar!

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle
Akshay Kumar and Twinkle

In a recent interview with a leading daily , Akshay Kumar, the Airlift actor spoke about the film,

how his sister loves watching movies, his struggling days and how blunt his wife Twinkle Khanna  is. Yes, Akshay is so scared of his wife’s sharp tongue, that at times he is just happy if she does  not come for his movie screenings.
In Akshay’s words, “Well, Twinkle comes for very few film trials, but when she does, she does
not mince words. If she doesn’t like the film, she will straight away tell me, ‘It is utter shit’. My
sister is honest but sometimes she tries to be gentle with her words. With Twinkle, there is no
chance of diplomacy. If you have read the way she writes, you will know that with her it is
either black or white. Sometimes, it is better that she doesn’t come for trials; I get spared of her
comments (laughs)”.