Watch: Funny twerking fails ever!

Check out these hilarious twerking fails ever:

Social media is all about adding your photos and videos. People also love to post bloopers and these videos often get viral because they are entertaining AF. Just like the ‘Chai pee Lo fraans’ and the ‘Dancing Uncle‘, twerking videos and fails are really in vogue.  Everyone thinks they can twerk but sometimes they end up having a funny and awkward experience. Not everyone can do everything with perfection which leads to hilarious moments.

Get ready to laugh hard as we have compiled some of the funny twerking fails videos ever. Check them out below:

#1 get that ass moving!

#2 Twerking got them slippers

#3 This is funny

#4 Twerking got her into the pool

#4 Oh no

#5 celebrities also got it

#6 the funniest ones