What is Monkeypox & why it is scaring the world!

Get to know about Monkeypox signs, symptoms and treatment.

Monkeypox isn’t new however it’s been in the headlines these days since Centres for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed its case in a person who traveled to Canada. The very first case of Monkeypox was found in 1970 in a child suspected of having smallpox. Monkeypox with rare or mild symptoms can also cause severe illness like that of coronavirus; so, here’s everything you need to know about what is it and how it can be cured? 

Monkeypox is caused by the virus which is a subset of the Poxviride family of viruses also known as Orthopoxvirus. The monkeypox virus includes cowpox viruses, vaccinia, and smallpox wherein, it’s assumed that monkeys aren’t the major carriers of the virus in human beings and its animal reservoir is still unknown. However, researchers say that the virus gets transmitted from African rodents whose testing and research are still an ongoing process at Laboratory Response Network labs which is the only globally available lab in the U.S. 


Symptoms of Monkeypox: Once the virus gets entered the body, it starts spreading and replicating through the bloodstream whose symptoms get reflected after two weeks. It produces smallpox on the entire body and symptoms are usually milder like high fever, headache, shortness of breath, itching, and rashes. After 10 days of infection, the rashes also turn into pus-filled blisters. The overall symptoms last for approximately two weeks and skin irritation lasts for a minimum of 14 to 21 days. 


How Monkeypox can be cured? 


As per CDC, no specific treatment for Monkeypox is available so far; however, it focuses on the signs and symptoms of the virus. Vaccines of smallpox can help prevent the spread of Monkeypox. One of the doctors’ prescribed vaccines is Imvanex or Imvamune which is the U.S. licensed vaccine and better cures the spread of monkeypox and smallpox.  


These are some of the major causes, symptoms and precautions of Monkeypox that help human beings fight the virus and get it cured.