Why picking insurance online works!


Here is why you must buy insurance online

In this day and age where online is replacing most of our chores from shopping to banking, insurance too has moved online. While in the yesteryears people would look for an insurance agent, call them over to discuss various plans, things have changed completely. I realized this when my husband told me to pick up an auto insurance for our car online. I was skeptical thinking about the hidden clauses and costs but it was a cakewalk. Below are few pros of buying insurance online:

Online insurance is flexible
Before picking any policy you have to see if you really need that. Like most people in their late thirties, start opting for a life insurance policy as it is the age where the need for thinking about the thinking arises. So you can decide the cost, plan and what sort of insurance you wish to pick.

Fits your budget
Just started earning and want to pick a health insurance? Like most beginners you can stick to basic policy that covers many ailments. You can pick a better policy as you grow older. Like a friend wanted cancer insurance plan after her father suffered from the disease and added it in her search when she looked for a health plan.

Compare and buy

While we cannot confirm this, online insurance has a cheaper rate of interest and works better than offline insurance. You can compare on various portals and pick your policy, this makes the process of picking a policy simpler. The difference between the premium on a policy picked online and a policy through agent can be as high as 20% to 30%.

Know how to fill insurance online
While it might be cheaper and easy to procure, online policies need to be filled with utmost caution. When you buy a policy online please note to fill your Self Health Declaration correctly as incorrect information can lead to rejection at a later date. Also keep your family informed about the policy and the process of using it.

Easy status check
With the coming of social media it is also easy to find consumer redressal or complaints if a plan or agency is not worth investing in. Do run a background check on the policy and organization to increase transparency and know more about the brand you are investing with.

How do you pick up an insurance policy?