Most ridiculous things we desi’s believed as kids 

Check out the thread where Indians discuss the most ridiculous thing that they believed as children: 

In our childhood we have believed many things to be true, Santa Claus and Tooth Fairy being the most common example. There were many hilarious lies that our parents told us to protect us from this big, bad world. And like every other child I also believed them. For example, I used to think that a monster would take me if I didn’t sleep on time, but it was obviously fake news. 

Recently, a Twitter user invited all desis to share the silliest things they believed to be true as a kid.

And there were many hilarious responses, check them out below:

Hahaha Lol:

Its Magic:

This was the biggest lie:

For cricket lover:

Can we still do this?

I still believe this one:

Aish hogi kab?

Creative much:


Tell us what did you used to believe in childhood?