Simple lifestyle changes to stay healthy

Healthy breakfast/freedigitalphotos
Healthy breakfast/freedigitalphotos

The New Year has dawned and so have a whole bunch of resolutions. Irrespective of age, promises are being made but steps for achieving them are unfortunately not. Getting fit and healthy is the most common New Year resolution which many forget after few days. Are you also one of them? Team AAW tells us a checklist to keep you going. Though they look like minor things but will help you to stay healthy and fit.

A Forty Minute Activity Promise
Whether it’s a zumba class or a yoga session that you prefer, make a forty minute non-negotiable commitment with yourself. Even easier, just head out for a walk and challenge yourself to walk a little longer every time. Every day, you will be reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis, alleviate depression and anxiety, and even boost mental alertness and confidence.

An Absolute No-No to Junk Food
Junk food contains the kind of non-nutrients that are like uninvited guests who stay forever. They lodge in your important organs, heart, brain, kidney, liver and eventually cause severe malfunctions in your body. If you are going shopping, ensure you have already eaten your fill at home. Create negative associations to places that provide junk food and half your craving problem will be solved.

Get Herbalicious
Find ways to go herbal. As much as possible, look for natural solutions to your problems and seek long-term wellness over short term medication. India is blessed with a rich heritage of herbal healing. Scientific evidence exists to prove the power of herbs like Ashwagandha, Lasuna, Amla, and Guduchi. These herbs can help you with long-term well-being. Waste no time in incorporating these humble herbs in your daily diet to rejuvenate and recharge your body.

Healthy breakfast/freedigitalphotos
Healthy breakfast/freedigitalphotos

Have a Royal Breakfast
The age old proverb of eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper has great significance for your health. A good breakfast is equal to a fully charged phone. You can get a lot more done when you are completely filled. You’ll definitely avoid junk, obesity, and will be able to focus on work. It’s a thumb rule, your breakfast is important. Just a glass of milk with biscuits and banana do not count for a healthy breakfast.

Glass of water
Glass of water / Freedigitalphotos

H2O Time
Do not underestimate the power of water for your body. It is as important as petrol or diesel for your car. Only that your body does not come with indicators of an empty tank. So it’s completely on you to keep yourself hydrated. Eight glasses a day can really keep the doctor away. Ensuring you’re drinking enough water can offer you weight loss, body detoxification, digestion, beautiful skin and hair, and even easy bowel movement. Let’s just say it’s a terrible idea to not drink enough water. Download an app, make a plan, play a game, but ensure you reach for water and sip as frequently to reach a two litre goal.

So just make a promise to go natural, drink enough water, eat a great breakfast, get out on a walk, and avoid junk food and you can be assured you are well on your way to building your will power and keeping more than just a resolution.