How to make the viral fluffy bread at home 

Here is the recipe to make fluffy bread at home with three ingredients: 

If you scroll through Instagram often then you must have seen the fluffy cloud bread video. After seeing multiple people ripping into and squishing their TikTok cloud bread, we thought of knowing more about it. If you are also drooling over this spongy bread, then here we have a simple recipe to make it at home. An Instagram page shared the recipe for this cloud bread. 

The recipe is super easy to make and we can’t get enough of it. If you go step by step you will make the perfect cloud bread. 

What is this cloud bread? 

It is the most fluffiest and giant bread that we have ever seen. All you need to make it is egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch. Cloud bread is essentially a softly baked bread. This dessert is made from whipped egg whites and sugar


  • Egg whites 
  • Sugar 
  • Cornstarch 
  • Food color (optional in case you want to make colored bread).

Here is the recipe: 

How does it taste:

This bread is more about looks than taste. It’s beautifully fluffy and very squishy and satisfying but it’s not very delicious.