Dating? Here’s why & how to set boundaries

Check out the best ways to maintain some limits in your relationship:

Do you face a lot of arguments and problems with your boyfriend? When we talk about setting boundaries in a relationship it does not mean that you have to stay apart from your partner. It only means that you must give space individually to each other so that things do not go worse. There is no harm in dating someone but treating him as a life partner before time is also not right. So, here are some best ways how you can maintain boundaries and stay in a smooth and happy love life:

Wait for the right time

This is one of the most common mistakes that many of us make and face problems. No doubt, it’s good to share everything with your boyfriend but at the right time. Do not trust blindly and do not reveal your personal life too much. You never know at what point he may judge you or how he will react. So, just give yourself sufficient time to understand each other and then take such steps.

Do not let him take you for granted

From the first day of the relationship give equal respect to each other. Actions speak louder than words so do not wait for anything and take a stand whenever you feel he is wrong. No matter where you are if you do not like his attitude or too much interference in your life just let him know by your body language. This way he will get a warning beforehand and will take care of it.

Learn to Say No

This is something that almost every girl should learn to do. In our society male chauvinism is an accepted sad reality but it should really not be appreciated. If you think that your boyfriend has said something about which you do not agree, keep your point. Even you have a right to give your views raising a voice in front of a man does not mean you are disrespecting him.

Be blunt

If anything of your boyfriend has hurt or is hurting you just say it directly to him. Do not keep it in your heart because it creates distance. If you will not tell him, then the same things will always repeat. So, instead of waiting for the worse to happen just make sure that he knows how serious you are about that particular thing.

Respect his boundaries too

A relationship is not one-sided, it always works vice versa so if you expect your boyfriend to give you space then you too get ready for the same. Respect each other’s boundaries do not restrict or force him to do anything that you yourself would never agree to. Always keep yourself on his place and then think!