How to date a divorced man

Couple having a good time
Couple having a good time/freedigitalphotos

Love is the best thing on earth but if you find ‘the one’ who has had a bad experience like divorce in the past than things can become little tough for you. His prior experience can have an adverse effect on your relationship.  Though there is no rule book for a perfect relationship but here are few things to keep in mind when dating a divorced man.

Don’t talk about marriage: Don’t be too quick to talk about marriage as he would be more cautious or rather uninterested in the idea of marriage. Spend time with your partner and give some time to build confidence in marriage again. At the same time, do not let him think you are there for his rebound or time-pass.

Be patient: There are chances that he may be still in love with ex, in touch with them or have some common friends that will bring up or ask questions about the ex. In such a situation secure your relationship and maintain trust. Secondly avoid being jealous and irritated every time her name comes up because she was a part of him at sometime.

Respect for kids: If your partner has kids with his ex show some respect to them. Never talk wrong about the mother in front of the children and make them realise that you will prove a good parent. Try to spend time with them to know more about each other.

Stay away from matters related to ex: Try to stay away from matters related to ex and arguments between them. If things go out of control handle the subject carefully.

Communicate: Communicate your feelings and don’t expect him to understand everything on its own. At times it may be difficult for you to listen about his ex but let your partner open up about it and what all he went through. It will help you understand him better. If needed take him to counselor.

Understand: A divorced man can sometime take out his frustrations and anger on you and in such a situation make him understand that you are not a punching bag and he should respect you.

Be positive: Be positive and trust your relationship. Don’t throw tantrums if your partner doesn’t give enough time to you or makes changes in the plan.  Stay positive and support him emotionally to help your partner come out of the past.

If all fails be willing to move on because if he is not over his past, you cannot be his present either!