Makar Sankranti: Spiritual and religious significance

Makar Sakranti
Makar Sakranti

Makar Sankranti is a major festival celebrated across India. On this auspicious day sun moves from Tropic of Capricorn (Dakhshinayan) to Tropic of Cancer (Uttarayana).

It is celebrated in different states of nation with different names. In Tamil Nadu it is called Pongal, Magh Bihu and Bhogal Bihu in Assam,  in Punjab and Haryana it is celebrated as Lohri while in Uttar Pradesh it is celebrated as Khichdi and Til Sankranti in Bihar.

Religious beliefs about Makar Sankranti

Makar Sankranti is celebrated in a unique style in every state of India with faith and joy. This festival is mentioned in many of our religious text that enlighten about its religious significance. In ‘Gita’ illustrates that six months of Uttarayan is the day time of Lord Krishna ad the 6 months of Dakhshinayan is the night for Gods.

It is also believed that person who dies in Uttarayan get a position in ‘Krishna Lok’, whereas, one who dies in Dakhshinayan, has to be reborn.

In Mahabharata, Bhishma Pithama had a blessing of wish death. Although lying on the bed of arrows, he did not die in Dakhsinayan, and waited for the Sun to go in Uttarayan.

It is also believed that on the day of Makar Sankranti, as the sun entered in the Uttarayan, Bhishma Pithama, discarded his body.

Another saga about Makar Sankranti says that Yashoda Maa kept a fast to have Lord Krishna as her son.

Sun Sign and Makar Sankranti

Capricorn is a sign of the Saturn and on Makar Sankranti, sun enters into the sign of Saturn.

Sun God is the father of Saturn and this is where father goes to meet his son in his home. Saturn and Sun, both are mighty planets whose auspicious blessings can make humans achieve great success.

Makar Sankranti celebrates truth, virtue and religion

Night is considered as dark and associated with of sin and wrong doings, whereas, day is regarded as truth and clarity. On Makar Sankrati sun enters the Uttarayan, days become long and night becomes shorter. It is also beleived  that from this day the doors of Heaven open.