Parents humor when you are caught talking to a guy

Parents and their everlasting queries when you talk to a guy

Talking to a guy? This is a question that makes parents anxious. Parents are always worried about their kid’s safety and when they find their daughter talking to a boy, they are all more concerned. They have numerous thoughts that they assume and AAW brings for you what parents think when they find their daughter talking to a guy.  

Parent’s expressions when you talk to a guy


Who is that guy?

The moment parents find you talking to a guy, they have to ask this instantly, “Who is that guy”? They always have this curiosity to know whom their kid is talking to and when it comes to their daughter talking to a boy, it becomes all more necessary to know it then and there.

Is she in a relationship?

Talking to a guy always makes parents worried that, is their daughter in a relationship? Being in a relationship is like parents have to be extra careful, so when the daughter is talking to a guy parents are curious with this question.

God knows how that boy is

No sooner parents get to know that their daughter is talking to a guy, they are haunted by the thought of how the guy would be whom she is talking?  It leads to making them keep an eye on their daughter’s messages, her talks and where she goes. They always think that talking to a guy means she is in a relationship.

Today’s guys are not to be believed

All parents have it to say to their daughters that today’s guys are not to be believed! Whatever they see and read in television and newspapers makes them more concerned.

We need to keep an eye on her

The fear of their daughter being in a relationship make parents more worried and they always feel that they need to keep an eye on her. This results in parents checking the regular activities of their daughter and this annoys her many times.

Is he just a friend?

This is the most suspected question of parents saying, is that guy only a friend of yours? Parents always try to find out whom their daughter is friends with, what all she does and if she is talking to a guy then is he just a friend of her or not.

Be careful

Parents always have this quote for their daughters and that is to be careful. Be alert, keep your eyes and ears open, don’t trust anyone easily etc. This is always told by parents and especially when they see their daughter in a possibility of having a relationship, it becomes all more important for them to say it.