Dumbest things non-vegetarians are tired of hearing!


For some vegetarians, meat-eaters are the wildest creatures ever. Being a non-vegetarian I have been hearing the same one liners which are possibly the lamest reasons for not eating a veg meal. I want to tell my dear vegetarian friends to leave us alone and let us live peacefully and eat happily. So if you’re also a non-vegetarian stuck in a land of vegetarians,  I bet you’ve heard some of these before.



“Tuesday ko bhi khaate ho?”

Well, if we can eat on any other day, why is Tuesday so special? It is one’s choice and mood according to which they eat.

“Have you ever seen it slaughtering?”

Well, this is a question often asked while eating and is possibly the worst one. Yes, people have seen it slaughtering and they still eat it. So, Let’s take a chill and concentrate on our respective plates.

“Paap chadhega tumhe!”

Paap chadhega tumhe
Paap chadhega tumhe

“If I’ll be cursed, I’ll deal with it. You don’t have to worry about that” ,is the comeback that usually works for this one. Also, everyone commits some sins!

“It’s like eating another human!”

No, it is certainly not. Vegetarians eat plants and they are living things as well. So basically, we all eat something or someone for the sake of survival. Why not enjoy it in our own ways!

“You are a murderer.”

You are a murderer
You are a murderer

Okay, this one is too much to take. No, we are not a murderer and it’s our choice to eat whatever we want. So better eat and let others eat.

“Non-veg has this weird smell, how can you eat it?”

Does smell define the taste? Nobody really cares about the so-called smell. All that matter is the taste which is good enough to satisfy our stomach.

“Soya tastes like chicken, you should switch to that!”

In no world, soya tastes like chicken. They both are totally different when it comes to flavor. There is seriously no comparison here.

If you can also relate to the above , let us know by commenting below and share your experiences too.