Sleepless night? Here’s how to look wide awake

Here is how to look fresh as a flower despite not sleeping well last night

Tired and need to hit work
Tired and need to hit work/pixabay

We all have those nights, we plan on sleeping on time and then the sleep eludes us. What we do instead is stare at the phone, or toss and turn praying to catch some sleep. And then in the morning the dead zombie look scares us! The tiredness makes the eyes look droopy, the face look dull and you are monumentally annoyed with the question that everyone will ask at work, “didn’t sleep last night?”

A cold shower helps
A cold shower helps

Well we have finally found how to make your face look wide awake and perfect.

Cold water: Splash some cold water or take a shower in cold water. The water shall shock your system awake and improve blood circulation too.  Cold water also helps clear eyes of all that sleep.

Scrub your face: We do not mean a proper scrub-massage-facepack treatmen. But slather some scrub on your face and clean it up, The exfoliation shall also help improve circulation and make you look fresh.

The perfect makeup to look wide awake
The perfect eye makeup to look wide awake

Use blue mascara: Blue helps decrease the appearance of dullness and it will make your eyes look chirpier and fresh.

Apply concealer: Colour corrector, concealer or whatever makes those under eyes zap away. Use some product under eyes today to make sure you look fresher at the work meetings.

Garnier BB cream
Garnier BB cream

Use a BB cream: With a moisturizer, sunscreen and foundation that gives you some coverage what do you have to lose? Your skin will look cleaner, zit free and the BB cream hides all imperfections too.

Use a nude kohl pencil: I was never a nude kohl fan, until I tried one and now I’m a convert. Not only do the make your eyes look bigger, they perk up the eyes to a perfect awake look.

full lips
Bright lipstick

A bright lipstick helps: A bold lip colour takes away all the attention from the sleepiness of your face. So apply those dark reds, browns or pinks.

Also try to go slow on caffeine, have a lot of water and try sleeping early tonight?