Worst anti-women laws around the World

Anti-women laws
Anti-women laws

Women’s Day is here and while we talk about women empowerment & feminism but on the other hand there are many anti-women laws in the world that still prevail. These laws limit women’s movements and ability to work, usually they are based on what husband’s want. Though most modern countries believe in gender equality and this has been codified into the system, but not everywhere.  Don’t believe us ? Well, then read on to know about the laws that discriminate women

Beating wife

In Pakistan there is currently a wife-beating bill proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology, stating that a man should be able to ‘lightly beat’ his wife as a form of discipline. In Nigeria also, a man can legally assault a woman without facing prosecution.

Rape wife

In some countries it’s perfectly legal for a man to rape his wife.

Kill wife

In Egypt, a man can kill his wife and get off with a far more lenient punishment than is typically given for murder, if he catches her in an act of adultery.

Career decisions

In countries such as Cameroon and Guinea, husbands have control over the jobs that their wives are allowed to do.

Women can’t get a divorce

In Israel divorces can only take place if requested by the husband.

No pants

In Tucson, Arizona, women still can’t wear pants.

Work ban

According to Iran’s police, women are banned from working in any cafés.

Funny bans

In Iran women are prohibited from performing basic day-to-day activities like dancing , listening to music, laughing loudly , have pets, dance and more.