Signs negative self-talk is affecting your health

Checkout the signs that show how negative-talk is affecting your health:

Many people do negative self-talk everyday rather than boosting themselves. Most of the time we think about these without much effort as negativity doesn’t take time to spread!  It often increases stress and can effect mental health issues too. Here we bring you the signs how negative self-talk you do is affecting your health.

No energy

Lack of energy

Being hard on yourself can, physically and mentally make you weaker. Negative self-talk can slow metabolism, make you feel tired etc. Like regular home activities that you used to do normally now makes you tired. It affects mood and motivation both making you feel lack of energy.

Trouble focusing

Being hard on yourself deteriorates your energy and focus ability.  It can be exhausting for the brain making it hard to concentrate and your focusing power suffers. You feel down, irritable and sad.

Less Sleep

Less sleep

If one gets exhausted thinking negative more often, it ultimately gives less of sleep. Ones mood and physical health are closely related to sleeping patterns, so negative talks affect it. If you are not feeling sleepy when you should and notice major sleep changes, consult your doctor soon.

Not feeling well

Stress and negative thoughts can affect immune system too. The more negative talk is the more one feels low and sick. The body’s fighting capability with diseases also lowers making more prone to sickness. Immune system is compromised with changes in eating habits that stresses out health. So if you wonder why you do not feel well too often, it is the negative talk you do to yourself that affects.

Appetite changes

Self talk affects body in many ways and its appetite too. Eating habits and hunger levels changes with mood. Mental and physical conditions affect appetite and these changes affect health too. Thought why you do not feel much hunger when you are sad and exhausted?

Unnecessary pains


Pain is the result of negative thoughts and it shows up in life even unknowingly. You may get headaches, backaches, neck pain, an uneasy feel or otherwise tight muscles etc. The more we have an internal negative dialogue is the more stress we create.