Things all truly lazy people will understand

Things that Lazy people do:

Though every person knows about himself and whether he is lazy or not, but no one accepts it easily because of the perceptions everyone has towards this particular word. So, here are some common things that only a super lazy person can relate to or you can also analyze yourself by taking these as the sign of laziness.

  1. Sets two or three alarms to wake up on time and still snooze them to take little naps in between.

2. Even when TV remote is just 5 steps away we wait for someone to come and pick it up for us.

3. Cannot take stairs even for 1st floor, always use the Elevator.

4. Rely on Instant noodles because cooking takes time and efforts.

5. Love eating on the bed and then keep all the dishes on the corner because keeping the plate in the Kitchen is really hard.

6. The two most important and loved furniture for you is your bed and a couch.

7. Dry-cleaning yourself in winters and skip taking bath every day because it’s a real challenge.

8. Skip plans on weekends as you don’t want to get out of your cozy beds.

9. Spending more than an hour in the gym is one of the most irritating tasks.

10. Your room is so messed up that it looks like it has been hit by a storm.

11. Finish your 5 mins work in half n hour because you always need rest and break in between.

12. You’ve slept with the light on more than once because you were too lazy to get out of bed to turn off the light. you’re getting out of bed to turn it off.

13.  You turn the brightness down on your laptop to save battery power when you can’t face getting up to plug the charger in.