10 tips to better employee behavior

office /pixabay
office /pixabay

When Naina joined her new office, little did she know she would hate it. She quit before the probation ended. Now looking back she told us, “I wasn’t at my best behavior. I never made an effort and that ended badly. I hated office, made no friends and my boss thought I was not fit for my role.” That got us thinking so on the lunch table we discussed about a few things that can make or break your office rapport.

1. Hangovers
You know there is nothing that tops the bad employee list than a hungover, irritated and possibly still inebriated employee? Well imagine being at work but not doing any work because you are too sized and dazed after a wine or two over your limit. Weekends are for you to drink, merry and be happy. But carrying a hangover to work is highly unprofessional.
2. Sleepy 
Whenever I would be bored at work, I would feel super sleepy. I have slept a few winks too! But sleeping at work makes you look non interested in working for your post.
3. Taking undue leaves
We all have leaves, we all need that extra off every once in a while but never take undue advantage of your position. Work suffers and more importantly your integrity as an employee does.
4. Silent during meeting
Always prepare yourself for a meeting, remaining​ silent will never take you up the ladder. But ask intelligent questions. Asking for the sake of asking something can also get you undue attention that no one wants.
5. Scared of the boss
In my first job, I was scared of my boss. She was a well known journalist and I was scared of asking questions and putting across ideas. I worked hard but I knew she could never value me.
6. Headphones
Many of us work better with music but always having those headphones jammed on your ears can come across as arrogant.
7. Social media
Checking our social media is a habit but too much of it can make your work suffer, which makes it a not so ideal behavior.
8. Eating alone
Breaks are to unwind, make friends and enjoy your meal. Eating at your work desk is often looked down upon.
9. Skipping office socialising
Office socialising is very important. Your employers and co workers should know you. “Once in an office meeting my boss forgot my name, I was mortified as my coworkers asked me about it. Probably the most embarrassing office day ever,” says Prachi Shah, a sales manager in a media agency.
10. Ganging up
Office politics can never take you forward. Someday it all comes out because you are in an enclosed space with people you know. It can lead to ugly fights and scenes which should generally be avoided.