How to: Stop your child from swearing

Father and son/pixabay
Father and son/pixabay

A young child swearing is the worst nightmare of every parent. No one likes their cute little children abusing at an early age. We all want our children to grow and learn things according to their age, but this really doesn’t work out this way. There are many things they might just pick up from their friends or even family especially if you swear, the chances of them picking up are higher.
There are so many question a parent can have regarding their children swearing. So we at AAW decided to answer a few of these question and help you figure a way out of this mess.

Is it different if a toddler swears than that from a teenager?

Sometimes when small kids swear, it is given a good laugh because it’s really funny, but such encouragement can lead to them thinking it is fine they can swear. But on the other hand, when an eight year old does the same it is considered disrespectful. Hence it should be bad for all ages. And imagine your pre schooler swearing at you at a public place! You get our drift.

How to respond to your child if they swear?

Renowned child psychologists say that you should ignore it for the first time. Giving the situation, attention could make a bigger issue than it was supposed to be. In fact ignoring it is the best solution. You should definitely not laugh in front of them.

How to handle the situation if swearing becomes a habit?

If the swearing does happens more than once then you should take a more suitable alternative and make your child understand the wrong they have done. You should talk to your child according to the level of understand the two of you share. Explain them the consequences of them using such words in public.

How to stop them from swearing with friends?

You can’t control everything in your children’s lives. There are good and bad things that they might learn from their friends at school. You as a parent should teach them discretion.
We hope these tips will help you in tackling this situation with care.