Habits that make women fat

Girl eating pizza/freedigitalphotos
Girl eating pizza/freedigitalphotos

Have you often been in a situation when you start gaining suddenly? Are those pants suddenly become uncomfortable and those kurti’s seem clingy? Sometimes weight gain happens even without any changes in the routine. Here are some unknown habits that pile on those pounds:

Lack of sleep: Do you often get up feeling groggy and tired? Lack of sleep can also trigger weight gain. This happens because lack of sleep makes people hungrier. A hormone called cortisol that is secreted when we sleep regulates the appetite. The system gets imbalanced due to lack of sleep this leads to hunger and binge eating. So hit the bed on time and always get those eight hours of beauty sleep!

Mindless eating: Watching television and having munchies should be ever lady’s number one enemy! It is important to have controlled portion eating. Never binge eat. Always stop eating if you feel full because overeating leads to weight gain. Eat several small meals throughout the day.



Vodkas & more: Drinking in groups is slowly become commonplace in Indian women. Many enjoy a drink or two daily! Consuming alcohol is a great stress buster.  But daily consumption adds unwanted calories that are high in sugar. Social drinking might be an in thing but being fat is not. So the next time opt for a glass of juice.

Sedentary lifestyle: We sit at home and watch television for hours, we sit in the office for work; usually this makes the body sluggish and the metabolism system gets slower. This leads to weight gain. The best way out: start exercising!

It is little things we overlook that lead to weight gain. Try leading an active lifestyle and go low on the junk food.