Here’s how to deal with after-effects of partying

Partying, binge drinking and unhealthy eating go hand in hand. Often post New Years we all realise how unhealthy the past few days have been and want a solution to this. Well we at AAW also binged but instead of crash dieting we asked the experts to help us deal with party season and the subsequent weight gain:

According to you, what are the do’s and don’t to be followed this festive season?

Festive season definitely means lot of partying and eating. Unfortunately the eating is mostly in the wrong direction, it have been seen that mostly people, tend to over eat during the festive season and that too wrong food. I am nowhere saying that don’t eat during the celebrations, but do keep the calories in mind before putting anything in your mouth. The do’s to be followed religiously should be, start your day with lime and honey. Before going out with friends or visiting relatives, ensure that your stomach is ample full so that you don’t tend to overeat sugary goodies. Also keep drinking loads of water as many times alcohol might result in dehydration.

After effects of partying
After effects of partying

What exercises should one do in order to get in shape after week long partying?

After a week long partying , chances are that you might have skipped gym. Start with cardios, don’t be harsh on your body, take a step at a time, spend 30-45 mins on cardio. This will help you in rebuilding stamina and then go for weight training. Generally the fat has a tendency to collect near stomach, so doing some abs would fit the purpose.

What all should people do in order to ensure their body maintains the right amount of nutrients?

Drinking lot of water is must as it will help in flushing out toxins. Make it a point to eat nuts and fruits daily. Eating curd or buttermilk, will cleanse your system from inside and also will cut down on indigestion. We don’t recommend at any point of time to forego food completely, as this will increase the food craving and will lead to more problems. Indian food is highly nutritious, so if you are game for it then eat khichdi and lot of salad. In the night have soup and salad. This will help in increasing the metabolism and getting the internal system back on track.


What should an ideal diet contain after partying?

Overeating can be equally toxic. For the most part, binging simply leads to feeling bloated and uncomfortable and maybe triggers heartburn and nausea. After partying go slow for a while, try to cut out on alcohol completely or to substantial level, eat lots of fibre, so what is suggested is increase the intake of fruits and vegetables , cut down on night time snacks or any other unhealthy snacks.