How to stay healthy post 40

Taking care of your health when you hit 40

How to stay healthy post 30
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As women grow older their bodies start undergoing many changes. The tiny creases around the eyes, or a few wrinkles around lips, or that flabby not so tight body ? A careless and ignorant attitude towards the body can be harmful and dangerous. So if you are turning older and want to be mentally and physically fit , here are few easy ways..

Diet: Be careful with your diet, reduce fat intake and starchy foods and include foods which are rich in proteins, calcium, iron and vitamin D like milk, cheese, egg, green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits. One should also cut down on calories, don’t starve but eat healthy.

Workout: Work out is important for women, irrespective of their age. It is more important in the reproductive age group, both before and after conception. Regular brisk walking and a light muscle strengthening exercise is a must for housewives. Many women think that regular household chores are equal to a workout session but that’s a myth as the body is used to the routine. You need to challenge your muscles.

Workout session/freedigitalphotos
Workout session/freedigitalphotos

Lifestyle: Post 30, one should inculcate some lifestyle changes too like avoiding alcohol and smoking. A regular fitness regime is also very important.

Sex life: Continue to enjoy a reasonably active sex life with your partner as it not only helps with your mental health but also keeps you physically fit.

Relax: Try new & innovative techniques for relaxation like REMIM (Rapid Eye Movement Induced Meditation) and visit spas on a regular basis. A short afternoon nap is not a bad idea in addition to a good night’s sleep.

Hydrated: It is vital to keep yourself hydrated so drink wholesome fluids regularly during the day.

Love: Love is an important part of life so stay in love & make an effort so that your partner stays in love with you even in a stable relationship.

Keep yourself busy: As we all know that an empty mind is a devil’s workshop so try to keep yourself busy by engaging in some activity for a healthy mental growth. You can also get a pet, they will not only keep you busy but the unconditional love from them has powers of healing & anti-ageing.

Meditate: Try to practice meditation as it has a very direct effect on your entire nervous system by reducing your body’s production of stress related chemicals and increasing the production of mood enhancing chemicals. It also helps in emotional stability and positive thinking.

(With inputs from Dr Dinesh Verma and Dr. Atul N.C.Peters)