Ways to stay healthy on an erratic schedule

Here are ways to maintain your health despite time constraints

A busy schedule and healthy eating are never related. Most of the days, we work without taking into account our health. In fact many times we forget to eat on time. With work commitments, busy schedules, traffic and daily hustles we all often ignore ourselves. But it is not supposed to be this way, we should give ourselves attention. Here are some ways to manage a healthy schedule despite being busy:

Health tips for the body:

• Relax

If you are feeling tired or nervous then try to get some alone time. Go for a walk in the park, a swim session or workout time. Do anything that makes you feel refreshed and relaxed. These relaxing exercises will allow you to have a better sleep at night.

• Hugs release stress

According to the studies, a hug works like magic and make you feel happy and safe. Whenever you are stressed or upset hug your partner or parents, do this for some time and you will notice a change in your feeling.

Health tips for mind

• Un connect

This includes some off-time from your devices like phone, laptop, etc. Enjoy an hour without gadgets and relax. This will be the time when you can sit quietly, spend time with your pets or talk to your family. Resist looking at the phone.

• Do something that you love

In this hustle to strive for professional-personal balance we all forget the most important thing: spending time doing something you love. When we participate in something we love, we go through lots of positive emotions that bring us happiness. Life has to be enjoyable; you must take pleasure in every moment.

Health tips for diet

• Meal preparations

This is something important, preparing all your meals and storing them in boxes a night before makes you pick healthier food.

• Plan your meals in advance

Write a shopping list and get everything that you need and stick to it. Make a plan of what all you are going to eat in the coming week to avoid the hustle when you are hungry.

• Healthy snacks

Always keep healthy snacks handy. This will help in avoiding junk food consumption.