3 popular ‘diet’ foods that lead to weight gain!

Artificial sugar in your diet makes you eat more!

Coffee with artificial sweetner
Coffee with artificial sweetener/pixabay

Researchers have found a complex network in the brain which revealed that artificial sweeteners might not be the best way to lose weight.

Artificial sweeteners which are massively used as substitutes for sugar provide a sweet taste much like that of sugar. They contain significantly less food energy which decreases your calorific intake.

However according to researchers, the brain system responds to artificial sweetened food by telling the animal hasn’t eaten enough energy. Which increasing the appetite and prompted them to actually eat more. The study was conducted on mice and fruit flies. We all have had times when we diet and use sugar free sweeteners. Here are 5 things which are bad news for your diet:

Sugar free: The generic use of sugar free in your daily tea and coffee is the number one reason for the increase intake of sugar.

What to do instead: Gradually phase out sugar completely from your caffeine addiction. It took me a week to reduce the sugar and a week to adjust to no sugar tea and coffee.

Diet Coke
Diet Coke

Diet coke: Ohh! Diet soda lovers have a weird fascination for diet coke. They will have the greasiest of the food but with a diet coke!

What to do instead: Avoid cola in general. They are bad news. Try to skip the cold drink by having iced water. After a greasy meal have green tea to aid digestion.

Diet namkeen
Diet namkeen

Diet namkeen: In India, namkeen has a mass popularity and when the namkeen sellers could not target the dieting people they came out with diet namkeen. Namkeen I usually high in salt and oil, however, diet namkeen is baked, but they use excessive salt and sugar free to mask the lack of flavours.

What to do instead: Hungry or simply want some munchies? Pick nuts, not only are they healthier, they are power packed with nutrients and help your body.

Do you also like artificial sweetners?