Banish body odor now

Summer threat number 1: Body odor now

Banish body odor. ImageSource: FreeDigitalPhotos

The harsh Indian summer often makes us sweat horribly. But some women are prone to body odor due to excessive sweating. Body odor can be embarrassing and at times it’s difficult to control. If you are a victim of BO, here are a few tips to help you banish that smell:

Shave your pits: Whether you wear sleeveless clothes or not, your underarms should always be hair free. Hair increases the sweating and attracts bacteria. This causes that stinky weird odor. Waxing is a better idea as it pulls the hair from the root and this decreases the stink. Waxing stuns the growth and hair come back after two to three weeks, which means no BO for almost a month.

Use deodorant at bedtimeDry your body properly: Towel drying a body is very important to remain sweat and stink free for longer periods.  If you dress up without drying completely the dampness in your body gets transferred to undergarments that cause disgusting odors. So towel-dry yourself rigorously before putting on any clothes.

Maintain hygiene: General hygiene is a must and the easiest way to avoid this problem. Wear fresh, washed, cleaned clothes daily specially undergarments. Clean your underarms twice to thrice a day, re-apply deodorant after these cleanups. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton, synthetics can make you sweat excessively.

Check your diet: At times certain foods cause your body to stink! This is especially true in summers when you sweat a lot. In summers its best to avoid spicy, oily and pungent food. Spicy food increases sweat production due the heat, which adds to the problem.

Trying Neesh perfume
Trying Neesh perfume

Layer your perfume: An after bath layering is often the best way to avoid any odors. After bath dust talcum powder all over the body; pay extra attention to underarms and genital areas. Use an antiperspirant roll-on this prevents sweating and then use a deodorant for a refreshing fragrance. After getting dressed squirt some perfume.