Clarified:Your queries about sanitary pads!

Sanitary pads
Sanitary pads

During a poll on AAW we came to know that more than 80% women prefer sanitary pads in their period. While only 20% prefer tampon and none like the old school cotton and cloth (those adverts about kapda and cotton un dino mei need to end!). Besides this we also got many questions about sanitary pads and tampons so we decided to answer all the top queries women have

How to choose the right sanitary pad or napkin?

The market is flooded with sanitary pads! There are different shapes, sizes, designs, companies etc. So it can be confusing to zero in on the right one. But here is how to pick the right one.

  •  Have knowledge about the styles, size and design. Some women swear by the wings in a pad. It is a trail and judge method but knowledge helps.
  • Consider the absorbency of the sanitary pad, remember it is not important that the same high or low absorbency pads will be fine during your menses. If you bleed on the heavier side, buy one pack night sanitary pads which can be used on heavy days or nights. And buy one regular ones for lighter flow days.
  •  Look for comfort and see which brand prevents blood leakage the most.
  • Try purchasing sanitary pads which have a cotton net surface with an absorption middle layer. This helps prevent wet skin surface and skin rashes.
  • Look for slim fit pads as thick ones can be really uncomfortable when sitting or walking.
  • How often should I change sanitary pads?
  •  Changing a pad usually depends on your flow. You will change pads more frequently when the flow is heavy. However change your pad every 3 to 4 hours and more often during humid days.
  • You should also change if you have exercised or walked a lot.
  •  Changing pads frequently saves you from menstrual blood odour. As blood on napkin for a long time can make it smell.

What is the right way to dispose sanitary napkins?

  • Always keep disposal bags with you when travelling. Disposal bags are available at medicine stores or you can pick them from hotel loos (nicking plastic is ok!)
  •  Always peel your used sanitary pad starting from the top to bottom.
  •  Wrap the pad in the plastic provided with fresh pad. Then roll it in toilet paper or ordinary paper. Wrap in disposal bag and throw it in the dustbin.
  •  Wear another pad and wash your hands.