How to pick the right menstrual cup

Here is your guide to picking the right menstrual cup

Menstrual cup

Hygienic products are in great demand nowadays and the situation is not the same as before when women had to use rags at the time of their menstrual days. Women now not only do the household work but also work shoulder to shoulder with men in offices, for which they demand comfort during those days. These cups are not only easy to take but

A menstrual cup is made in such a way that the comfort and hygiene are not sacrificed. These cups are environment-friendly, easy to use and cost effective which is making them the most preferred choice among women. We have researched the top 5 menstrual cups that you can buy, so have a look.

Ruby Cup

The ruby cup was invented in China by three women and is available in two forms with being eco-friendly, less fussy and affordable. The cup is made of silicone and is free from plastics, toxins, and bleachers while can be bought through online shopping. It is offered in different colors and is best for someone with the low cervix.

Ruby Cup
Ruby Cup

The Moon Cup

This Moon cup is pretty same as the Diva Cup and is easier to clean. It is designed in the UK with having high standard quality and comes in choosing sizes. It is safe, easy to carry as well as eco-friendly.

MeLuna cup

MeLuna cup is manufactured in Germany and these cups are the only cups of the world that are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer also called TPE which is proven safe like Silicone. This menstrual cup is available in many sizes, colors, length, degrees of firmness and types of handles due to which it is able to fit in a wide range of individuals. It works with a motto of, “Because everyone is different”, thus providing wide ranges.

ScKoon Cups

This cup is same as it is too made of medical grade silicone and is much loved amongst woman in the market. To add to it, the cup is available in six different colors and two different sizes.

MeLuna Cup
MeLuna Cup


Lunette cup

The Lunette menstrual cup was manufactured in Finland. It is a “V” shaped cup and is made of silky, medical-grade silicone like all other cups. It is available in two sizes with many colors to choose from.   People who are physically active and with not much sensitive bladder mostly prefer this cup.

If you want comfort, these cups would be the best choice, so do your online orders as soon as possible.