Touched these items? Wash your hands immediately

Here are the places that are loaded with germs and you should wash your hands soon after touching them.

Since the number of cases keeps rising and while the second lockdown just ended and many of us aren’t able to stay at home. It is important to take necessary precautions while heading out. We are likely to come across germ-infested places that we may not realize can harm our health. 

Source- Insider

Here are the objects that may have contagious germs and you should wash your hands soon after touching them for your sake and others. 

Petrol pumps 

The petrol pumps are heavily loaded with contagious bacteria so if you are adding fuel to your car on your own then make sure you wash your hands right after. 


Many people touch handrails throughout the day and while you can’t tell where their hands have been, you can always take care of yours. 

Gym equipment 

Since many people use the same equipment, it is easy for you to get infected by some bacteria or the other. Make sure you either wear gloves or carry a sanitizer with you. 

Elevator buttons 

It is the most common thing you will touch. Either avoid touching it with your hand directly or wash your hands soon after. 

Transport handles 

If your work requires you to travel and you use public transport frequently, protect yourself from catching infection by washing your hands soon after getting down from the bus or train. 

Car doors 

If you are traveling by taxi then you must carry a sanitizer with you to keep your hands clean. 

Ticketing machines 

After you have purchased your tickets, make sure you wash your hands. 

Here are some common places which have contagious bacteria and viruses and you are most likely to catch an infection from. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly. Air dry or wipe your hands with a clean towel after that.