Benefits of Greek Yogurt!

What is Greek yogurt and how it is different from regular yogurt?

Greek yogurt is a dairy product which is dissimilar to the usual sweet yogurt. A yogurt gets Greek when the whey is removed from the milk; whey is the liquid which is left from the process of making curd, what remains is a creamier yogurt. Draining out whey from the yogurt makes it thicker than the regular one with less sugar, tangy and sour taste.

The taste of regular and Greek yogurt is almost similar, but they are different. Recently we tried the all new Epigama Greek Yogurt and they make for a great breakfast. I tried making the natural one into a spread for a toast. And their creaminess made it work!

Greek Yogurt is better than the usual cup of dahi as it has a high number of proteins. It has lower calories. It has more amount of calcium than the normal one. Yes, the taste of it is a but sour and the flavored ones are super sweet. In some countries, it is called Greek-style yogurt. As it is healthier than plain yogurt it is costly. Here are few benefits of Greek yogurt.

  • It is a great source of Vitamin B12

A common deficiency which is seen in youngsters these days is the lack of vitamin B12 in their body, because of which they feel weak. We need vitamin B12 for energy and a healthy brain, and Greek yogurt helps us with it. Vegetarians must eat it, because they often lack vitamin B12, as it is found in meats, Greek yogurt can be a good source of b12 for them. We need B12 to maintain proper functioning of our nervous system. Veggie people start eating to stay healthy!

The perfect breakfast! Epigama does great Greek yogurts
  • It helps in controlling weight

Calcium is important for weight loss, and Greek yogurt is full of it. Calcium helps in regulation of body; hence we need a great amount of calcium in our body. Greek Yogurt has fewer calories than the plain one. If you are following a diet plan add Greek yogurt to it. It has a high number of proteins which helps in fast digestion.

  • It has less amount of Lactose

Many people these days are suffering from a condition called Lactose intolerance, in which it is difficult to digest the lactose, lactose is the sugar found in milk. Having lactose can result in bloating and pain; Greek yogurt has less amount of lactose which makes digestion easier. The lactose is removed in the process of making Greek when its whey is removed.

Epigama Mango yogurt
  • It is packed with Probiotics

Probiotics help you in staying healthy; these are micro organism like bacteria and yeast which stay in your intestines, due to which it is important to have a good amount of them. They promote good bacteria which help in improving the immune system. Probiotics also help in improving the digestive system.

  • It is full of Iodine

Iodine is important for strong metabolism. Deficiency of iodine can cause many severe health problems. Eating Greek Yogurt can increase your iodine level which helps in reducing weight.

Greek yogurt is becoming highly popular. It is full of benefits, if you are a yogurt lover it is a healthier version of it.