Stop yourself from overeating

Girl eating pizza/freedigitalphotos
Girl eating pizza/freedigitalphotos

The last poori, the last slice of pizza and extra handful of chips! We have all at some point overeaten out of greed over hunger. “Once during college days me and two of my friends ate some 15 plates of aloo chat on a whim. Need less to say the next day we were all down with an upset tummy,” says Gautami Sarkar, an advertising professional.

Most of us think we overeat because we’re hungry or the food tastes really good but according to the Scientists visibility and convenience are the two most important factors that influence how much we eat. Here are few simple tricks to stop overeating and lose those extra kilos.

Out of sight is out of mind: Keep everything you are tempted to eat far away and if possible skip buying those chocolate all together. Don’t keep chocolates, cookies, chips and other high calories food within reach on the desk. Keep foods like biscuits in non see-through containers and cupboards.

Buy and keep healthy munching options like fruits handy. Never look on other’s table at an eatery as it will tempt you to try something more.

Quantity counts: Change you serving bowls from large to medium. If you are craving for something like popcorn during a film just pick a small pack and not that bucket which offers a free pepsi. Avoid going to restaurants that offer a buffet meal as you tend to eat more.

Serve up meals from the kitchen, rather than putting the cooking pot on the table and digging in. As when you get plated up food, you will not feel like rushing to kitchen for seconds.

Use small glasses for consuming alcohol and sugary drinks.

Eat messy: Yes you read it right! The idea is to make eating difficult. Avoid boneless meat as it is easy to eat and you tend to eat more. Also the debris of bones will give you an idea of how much you have consumed.

Ditch distracted eating: According to the studies people eat more food while they are distracted. So always eat food minus other activities like talking and watching TV.

Opt for healthy options for weight loss

  •  Replace white bread with brown bread.
  • Stick to one glass of fruit juice a day.
  • Have coconut water instead of cola
  • Replace fresh lime water with soda.
  • Have fruits instead of chips.
  • Go for brown rice.
  • Avoid cheese pizza.
  • Have sugar free chewing to curb cravings.