Ways to stay fit this winter

Stay on track with your exercise schedule this winter

Girl running/weheartit
Girl running/weheartit

As the temperature plummets many of start snuggling into the quilt on every pretext. Winters usually take a toll and most women end up gang several kilos during this season. The reason? Lack of exercise, too cold and the endless cups of tea with biscuit make you gain weight like crazy.  But winters should never mean giving up your fitness regime, here is how to stay slim or lose weight:

Jog: Jogging in winters is more fun and relaxing. The best way is to pick a warm time like early evening and enjoy the mild sun. But cover up well as the chilly winds can make you sick instantly.


Yoga: Yoga is a great choice for every season but in winters if done right, can keep you warm.

Control is the key: Do not over-indulge in that gajar ka halwa or tea as in winters every warm and sweet food seems exotic. In winters the body slows down its digestive process too so go easy on all those sweet treats.

At home fitness: Pick up a few fitness DVD’s like Bipasha’s dance workout and follow them. Another way to keep fit is by doing many household chores like washing, changing sheets, mopping the floor.

Asparagus with orange, tomato salsa salad
Asparagus with orange, tomato salsa salad

Try some sports: Used to love basketball in school? Give it a shot now. Start playing any sport you love on a daily basis. Not only will it help you get fitter, you will be more active in the cold months.

Dance it off: Groove to your favourite dance numbers at home. Wear a pair of high heels to give your calf a workout too! Alternatively you can join a dance class and learn a new form of dance.

Gymming: Is it too cold outside and too boring to work out at home? Improve your social life and exercise routine by hitting the gym daily.

Do you like exercising in winters, what regime do you follow? Tell us by commenting below.