Workout mistakes to avoid


Ladies doing workout/freedogitalphotos

Every girl wants to stay fit and healthy and in doing this they commit many mistakes. Such mistakes not only prevent you from getting a good and effective workout  session but they can also lead to injury. Read on to know the most common workout mistakes women often commit.

Doing same kind of exercise daily: It’s always good to and advisable to engage in a 30 minutes workout daily but doing the same kind of workout everyday can lead to over training and muscle imbalance. Each muscle group needs adequate rest & recovery days in order to operate efficiently.

Skipping the warm up: Several times because of lack of time we often skip the warm up session to complete the workout early. This is a very wrong practise and can lead to injury. The purpose of the warm-up is to get your blood warmed and circulated through the body.

Workout session/freedigitalphotos
Workout session/freedigitalphotos

Stretching before workout: Never start the workout with stretching to avoid injuries. Muscles are like rubber bands if you stretch a cold rubber band it may pop but as soon as it gets warmed up there is more elasticity.  Always do the stretching after warm up or workout.

Exercising on an empty stomach: Body breaks down the food and uses it as a fuel to complete the daily tasks. So always eat something like an apple or a slice of toast for an energetic workout session.

Over exercise:  Many women believe that extra workout will help them lose weight early but this a misconception.  Body needs rest and recovery time and if you don’t allow your body to fully recuperate and rebuild, your efforts will not pay off beneficial dividends.