5 things in Delhi rains that every Delhiite can relate to

After all Dilli and baarish are love!

Rainy season
Rainy season

It’s raining cats and dogs in Delhi, yet again. And as much as we love the rainy season too much of it can be a bit irksome. Well my mother goes crazy every time it rains a bit too much, the maids go away, the electricity kaput and not to mention our constant demand for chai and pakodas. Here are 5 things every Delhiite faces when the monsoon pours!

The need for chai and pakoda:

There is nothing that tastes better than a cup of chai at a tapiri, with some unclean rain water dripping in from the thatched roof. Some deep fried bread pakodas add to the charm.

Chai pakoda
Chai pakoda/couponduniya.in

The maid falling sick

Every bloody day it rains, the maid is the first person to go missing. From someone dying to her falling ill. The maids might have a mobile phone but it always goes kaput the moment you try calling them about their whereabouts.

Call in sick
Call in sick (weheatit)

The need to skip work

Rains, romanticism which Bollywood always shows around rains, make work concentration all time difficult. Also the horror traffic tales on facebook make you want to take a sick leave every now and then.

Bad traffic
Bad traffic/pixabay

Traf-f*%ked situation

While we all imagine long drives in the rain, Bollywood style, the reality is far from it. From getting waterlogged roads to a mayhem traffic situation which can take hours to clear, rains are certainly not the best to go out. And god help those who use the Delhi Gurgaon route for daily commute.

Cold and Cough
Cold and Cough/ freedigitalphotos

The family falling ill

From blocked noses to viral infections. It is truly the season of illness. Someone in the family falls sick and the infection. Also the scary waterborne problems like Dengue, malaria.

So the rains might be the best thing to happen for the ecosystem but for a busy metro like Delhi, it is kind of bad. Unless you have your spectacular balcony overlooking greenery and non-stop tea, pakoda refills courtesy a maid!