Banarasi is the latest ongoing trend

Banarasi is what you need in your wardrobe:

Indian attires are one of the most elegant and versatile clothes. Just like the western  traditional outfit trends too keep changing with time according to season. Nowadays many celebrities are opting for a Banarasi as it looks royal and classy. Banarasi is a form of traditional art which was started in Varanasi in ancient times. Though it’s little expensive, but the best part about it is that you can wear it for both formal and informal occasions. Because of its rich work, many ladies also go for it as a social status symbol. Now a days celebrities are often spotted carrying it so if you don’t have any Banarasi saree or Indian outfit in your wardrobe you are surely missing on something.There are different ways to carry this unique style and here are the pictures of famous actresses in Banarasi which will help you in selecting a perfect one for you.