Mrs Sri Lanka stripped off her crown, injures head

Pushpika De Silva exits the stage after her crown was snatched by Mrs. World.

During the crowning ceremony for Mrs. Sri Lanka, Mrs. World Caroline Jurie from Sri Lanka took off the crown from the winner, Pushpika De Silva’s head, and injured her head while doing it.

Caroline June justified taking away the crown by saying that the winner was divorced and only married women are allowed to take the crown as per rules and hence she will be forwarding it to the first runner-up.

It was later revealed that Pushpika De Silva was actually separated and not divorce which led to confusion. After being stripped of her crown, she exited the stage and said she would be taking real action against Mrs. World. Watch the video here:

The organizers made it clear that the crown belongs to the original winner and was embarrassed by the behavior of Mrs. World Caroline Jurie. They also said that the matter will be investigated.