Healthy drinks & foods to have this winter

Foods and Drinks to have in Winters:

Many people have a misconception that they cannot lose weight or stay healthy in winters but, you will be surprised to know that even at this time you can maintain your health properly. As it is really cold and many of us cannot go on daily workouts. So, here are some of the healthy drinks and foods you must take in your diet in winter.

Steamed Vegetables

5 Healthy drinks and foods you must have in winters

As we all know that to stay healthy one must eat a light dinner but you should not skip it. Winters are the best time to enjoy green vegetables so you can have steamed vegetables at night because they are the rich source of vitamins and minerals, also have low calories. For better taste add some salt and pepper, it will not be too heavy also and will keep your stomach filled.

Green Tea

No doubt in the chilling season almost everyone feels like having tasty beverages like hot tea, coffee or chocolate milk but they all have high sugar and caffeine. So, in this case, to maintain your health go for green tea because it is good for the body and also helps in weight loss. This refreshing drink has high antioxidant content and nutrients which is even helpful for diabetic and heart patients.


5 Healthy drinks and foods you must have in winters

No matter what season it is, fruits are one of the best sources of all the necessary nutrients that are required by your body. It keeps you energetic throughout the day and has no calories. Each person must have at least one bowl of fresh fruits, either in breakfast or in the evening. They are also the best option for satisfying your hunger pangs.

Healthy Cereals

Nothing can be better than a bowl full of oats or muesli in breakfast because having low-calorie food is okay, but high protein should surely go inside you for energy. You can also add dry fruits, fruits or honey in oats to add taste. If you don’t have a sweet tooth then you can go for masala vegetable oats. There are many flavors available in the market which you will like.

Nuts and seeds

5 Healthy drinks and foods you must have in winters

Nuts and seeds are the best snacks during winters because they are warm and beneficial to health; you can eat almonds, walnuts, peanuts etc. If you don’t want to have this then the alternative is seeds because they have high nutrients and low calories. You can make a mixture of chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, roasted grains and grams for your evening refreshments.