Ways to nurture your relationship during lockdown

Take a look at these five tips to keep your relationship healthy during the lockdown.

The unexpected has happened. Many of us thought we will be through with the lockdown and restrictions in 2021 but the number of COVID-19 cases has surged in India and we are in a worse situation than last year.

Source- Urban Company

Lockdown has been imposed in multiple regions in India and people are back to work from home routine, spending all day around family and spouse. The dynamic of romantic relationships changed in the previous lockdown and now that we are back to another phase, will it work out this time as well?

If you have been wondering the same, here are few useful tips that will help you sail through this lockdown as well.

  1. Communicate as much as possible

These circumstances are far from normal and every couple requires a certain space to function as a unit. Have an honest conversation about this with your partner and let them know how you feel about this change. You can also work on establishing boundaries while staying under the same roof.

2. Find time to do your favourite activity together

The times are tough and everyone needs a break once a while. Fix an hour of the day and do what you both love, whether it is watching a movie, sharing a meal, doing chores together, anything that gives you a chance to emotionally support each other without having to say that.

3. Understand each other’s love language

Your partner may have a different way of showing love than you. Make sure to pick on cues and understand their love language. This will make you feel secure and taken care of, hence lesser arguments and fights.

4. Stay connected to your family members

Take care of your partner’s side of the family and yours. This is a good time to show that you care and your partner will also appreciate the effort.

5. Listen to understand, not to prove a point

Listen to your partner with the intent of understanding them. It might take a while for them to adjust to a new schedule but understand where they are coming from and respond accordingly.

6. Divide work responsibilities

If both of you are working then its’ better to divide the house chores responsibilities to avoid arguments and fights.

Keep these in mind and give yourself and your partner some time to ease into things.