Importance of having a traveler friend

Traveler friend/pexel
Traveler friend/pexel

Why is it important to have a friend who loves travelling

My best friend just returned from a solo trip and meeting her was the best thing I’ve done in the longest time. Not only because she’s my best friend (duh!) but also because I love her stories from another land. It’s my constant dose of motivation and entertainment. After talking to her , I realized that everyone one should have a friend who loves travelling. Read on to know why

1) Social life

 They’re the most social people you’ll ever come across. Frequent travelling not only makes them interactive but also helps them build a lively social life. And what’s better to hang out with someone who’s social and is constantly motivated and inspired to meet people! They  have some interesting incidences to share because of which they can make friends easily.

2) Free gifts

Who on earth doesn’t like gifts!? And more so when you have a friend who gets them for you  whenever he/she travels to different places. Ultimate perks, aren’t they?

3) Amazing food

People who travel not only have a great taste in food, owing to all that they’ve tasted in far off lands, but they also develop a great sense of what to eat and where to spend when you meet up for lunch. In short, they become your food advisers and always suggests you the best thing to try.

4) Entertainment

As mentioned earlier, when your travel friend comes back from trips, they will always have too much to share. You’ll stay busy for a without getting bored. Infact their stories will make you crave and dream for a vacation.

5) Motivation

Naturally, someone who likes to travel will be happy and satisfied with the chances that they get to travel. They not only find happiness for themselves but also make people around them happy. They even motivate you to travel and live life to the fullest.