Why you MUST quit smoking amidst coronavirus

Here is why you should quit smoking during this pandemic and how it can improve your health.

Coronavirus has caused may people to reconsider their lifestyle and habits. Smokers took this is a wake-up call when it was discovered that COVID-19 largely affects the lungs and can be fatal for smokers since the functioning of their lungs is also compromised. If that wasn’t enough, many countries went into lockdown, and the supply of alcohol and cigarettes was limited. This encouraged many people to quit smoking and also out of respect for their family members and their health.

Source- Health Europa

Effect of coronavirus on lungs

Along with other symptoms, difficulty in breathing was found to be the most prominent symptom of COVID-19 and this infectious disease impairs lung functioning.  People who smoke tobacco are at high risk of developing cardiovascular issues, respiratory issues, and diabetes which can further cause complications. A study found out that smokers are at great risk of being severely ill if they catch coronavirus.

Reasons to quit smoking now

Apart from health reasons, one thing that you should also consider is the country’s health infrastructure which is crumbling under the increasing number of COVID-19 cases.  People with mild symptoms are being home quarantined and the many with severe symptoms are unable to find beds in hospitals, let alone medical care.

if you want to keep your family safe from coronavirus and they depend on you, it is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that you can take care of your loved ones during these unprecedented times. Smoking can also weaken your immunity so once you decide to quit smoking, make sure you including immunity boosting drinks and food items in your diet to stay fit as doctors are depending on people’s immunity to fight COVID-19 until a promising cure is discovered.