Makeup Tutorial: Artist transforms herself into Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Make-up Tutorial
Aishwarya Rai Make-up Tutorial

Known as the human chameleon or mystique Promise Tamang Phan started using make-up when she was in Middle school. Now she uses Make-up to entertain and to teach the viewers how to use make-up to enhance their natural Beauty. She also makeup to transform herself into celebrities.

In my videos you might also see a cute Fluffy Dog. His Name is ‘Nimbus’. He is 3 years old now and He is a mini American Eskimo. He loves the Spotlight! Also My Husband Steve makes a special appearance once in a while in my videos, reads her description on youtube.

Check out her latest video in which she transforms s herself into Aishwarya Rai.