Get: Jennifer Aniston’s snake skin nail art!

Ger Jennifer Aniston's snake nails
Get Jennifer Aniston’s snake nails

Jennifer Aniston loves snake prints and this stylish diva reportedly spends a bomb on her manicure. She loves getting snake skin pedicures which involve the use of real snake skin. Snakeskin manicure involves attaching a sliver of snakeskin to your nails and painting them with a top coat. Personally attaching animal skin seems icky and obtaining it would be next to impossible for us. SO to get a snakeskin manicure much like Jennifer Aniston’s we suggest you try this easy method:

You will need:

  • Base coat
  • Any three colour of polishes you like. We suggest one basic light shade like gray or biege, one darker than that and one shiny gold or sliver colour to add some shine to your manicure. Stick to snake skin shades like warm honey, mustard, black
  • A piece of net. Any net will do we used an old loofah, you can also use old net from clothes or discarded plastic mesh.
  • A piece of sponge, we used a makeup sponge.
  • An old plate to pour nail paint
  • A quality top coat
  • Vaseline
  • Ear buds and some nail polish remover


Apply vaseline on your cuticles and around the nail, this prevents the nail colour from transferring to your fingers.

Apply base coat and let it dry completely.

Put a light colour on the nails and let it dry. Drying the base shades adds to longevity of the manicure and ensures it does not spoil.

Once you have checked it is dry cut a rectangular piece of mesh. It should cover your nail and the finger around it.

Now take the darker shade and pour in the plate. Dip the sponge lightly in the plate and dab it gently on the mesh and your nail. Make sure the polish is thin as a thick one will not show the results. Let it dry. PS if your sponge has too much colour dab it on the plate to remove the excess as this design works best when applied with a light hand and thin coats are a must.

Now repeat this with the gold or silver nail paint. But do not dab on the whole nail. Just apply on some areas to add that snake glint. Let it dry and repeat on all nails.

Apply the top coat to make your design last long.

Once you are done dip the ear bud in some remover and clean all the extra nail polish that has transferred to your fingers.

To make it last super long apply top coat every alternate day.

PS if you find this tedious or are scared about doing it on all nails. Try it on your ring finger or accent nail as nail polish lovers call it. On the rest of the fingers apply one shade from the same family or a completely different colour to off-set your snake nail.