Signs that you are a toxic person

Things that indicate you are a toxic person:

Toxic means something that harm us or from which we should stay away. Apart from substances like alcohol, smoking etc even we as humans become toxic at times.  Though it is not a good thing but we can improve our habits by analyzing its signs on time. So here are some of the main things that surely indicate you are such a person:

Drama Everywhere

Toxic people are always engaged in some drama around them, whether it’s a conflict or any crisis. They always poke their nose unnecessarily and are mostly the instigators of the situation but at last, pretend like the victim.

Never accept their mistakes

No matter how big or small the fault is they never accept their mistakes. They always try to prove them right by bringing out useless points in a conversation. If they do not succeed in hiding their mistake then they change the topic or just close the discussion.

Always Criticizing

People who are always seen criticizing come under this category because they always have time to judge others and give unasked pieces of advice. No doubt at times they even honestly give you the right suggestion but always condemning someone becomes their habit.


Toxic persons are controlling and always try to impose their views on others. Every individual has their own right of doing what they want but they try to make the other person feel and do the same like them. Manipulating situations is one of the most common traits they possess.

Being over smart

Interfering in between every interaction or discussion is also an indication of a toxic human.  Such people always want others to think that they know everything so; in short, they try to be over smart. Even if they do not know about the particular issue going on they will deliberately give their outlook on it.


Gossiping is the favorite job of toxic people; the main reason behind this is insecurity. By talking bad about others on their back they try to feel better. They always talk negatively about everyone and love doing it without realizing that what impact they would be leaving on others by doing this.


Negativity is the major sign that surely shows you are a toxic person. Such persons always stay around pessimism and never think positive. They develop a tendency of creating wrong assumptions about everyone without knowing anything completely about them. They always take interest in others life and forget about themselves.