Signs he only wants to have sex!!

Signs that prove he is not in love with you and wants only sex

Sometimes you feel an emotional connection with someone, but the other person doesn’t feel the same way. For men more often than women a relationship can be about sex. It is truly a wham, bam, thank you mam situation for them and as much as it hurts you, you know that gut feeling was always right. These days the ‘Netflix and chill’ bonds are seen more often than real relationships, this pattern is making true love fade from people’s life. If you think your relationship is also only about sex, then here are some points which might prove you right:

Only sex matters!
Only sex matters!
  • Sexual conversations

Every time you guys chat and make conversation it is only sexual in nature. Whenever he calls you regardless of the topic he brings sex in the conversation. The content of communication tells a lot about the person, beware. The flirty texts show he only have a sexual interest in you.

  • Not going out

A man who loves spending time with you will meet you at any place. He would love to take you out to dinner or coffee. But if both of you meet at a place where sex can occur and avoid going out, then, might be you are together only for sex. I know spending time privately is important but sometimes going out of the bedroom is required.

  • No discussions about family or friends

One of the signs is not discussing many details about your family and friends group. Also if you are upset and want to discuss something about your personal life and the other person is not available. It could be only sex!

  • Distance is maintained

He always tries to maintain that emotional distance with you. You will never see him do things that you like because he wants to maintain that distance.

  • No PDA!

If he doesn’t show affection and love in public, then something is fishy.  Yes, making out in public is bad but holding hands is cute and if that is not happening then you got to talk.

  • Foreplay is quick

When a man feels for you, he begins to make love to you. The foreplay can last for a long time, as he would love to describe his feelings to you. But if he just wants sex, he would directly jump to it. The man who wants to have sexual relation will not do much of kissing and hugging.

  • Only your looks matter

It is very great to appreciate the way someone looks, but more than that you must praise their inner qualities and nature. Men who seriously want to be with you always compliment you on your looks and other qualities as well.  Whereas if he only comments on the way you look then, he is merely attracted to you for the way you look.

Do you notice any of these signs in your relationship? If yes, then talk to your partner and sort things out.