Fresh air is important for a normal childhood

Play outside/

In this age of technology everything is a click away, from shopping to playing games. Technology has reduced the effort required for doing any task or activity. The same goes for bringing up children, gone are the days when kids used to eagerly wait for evening so that they could go out and play with friends.  Today outdoor games have been replaced by indoors games on their laptops, I Pads and smart phones. Playgrounds are no longer seen as fun, this is the core reason of growing obesity in children. AAw suggests that all parents must encourage children to spend time outside for fitter bodies, better eyesight and more.

Stronger bones: Vitamin D is good for bones and the most easily available source is sunlight. Playing outdoors will prevent Vitamin D deficiency in the kids and help build stronger bones.

Maintain weight: Outdoor games like cricket, football, badminton or hockey involves loads to physical activity (unlike when played on computer) which helps to keep the children fit and healthy. Even doctors suggest that one hour of play a day helps to ward off childhood obesity and diabetes.

Improved eyesight: Recent studies find that kids who get outdoor time have less near-sightedness and need for eye glasses.

Children enjoying the zoo
Children enjoying

Better at making friends: Children playing together outdoors relate directly with one another make friends, create games together, choose sides and improve their people skills too.

More creative: Kids playing outdoors are more creative as compared to the ones who play indoors. They create new games with their own imaginations and creativity while the later don’t.

Less violent: According to studies, kids who play video games are more aggressive.  Secondly, playing with a team or group teaches them to adjust and co-operate.

Positivity: Fresh air , greenery and brightness brings positivity  in  children.