Keep ageing away with the help of these exercises!

Slow ageing with exercising
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Slow down ageing by doing these exercises

Who in this world likes to look old? No one! We do everything in our power to look young. We spend enormous amount of money on different creams, treatments, home remedies and more. We will do everything to stop wrinkles showing on our face. A decline in stamina, slowing of metabolism or a chronic illness, are some of the signs of aging.

Well you really can’t stop the numbers from adding up in your age, but you can surely take some measures to slow your age from showing. Workout is the secret remedy for this problem. Having a good fitness regime can help you stay younger for long. Exercising can build up stamina, improve metabolism and keep you away from chronic diseases. So here are a few exercises one should do in order to slow down our aging clock.


Yoga is a great way to deal with ageing as it targets the whole of your body rather than a few particular parts. It also toughens your body and increases flexibility. There are many facial assans which help you get rid of wrinkles and keep them away. Yoga is effective as it reduces stress, that starts to show on your face and body, making you look older than you are.

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Swimming can help you ease the numerous signs of arthritis. People suffering from it should start swimming as it will help your bones to get stronger.

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Squats are very important as they both calories as well as keep your legs sturdy. They can prevent swelling marginal edema which is associated with aging. Hence, you should make sure you squat in the right posture as an incorrect one can lead to injuries.

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Weight Lifting

Women usually run away from weight lifting because they believe that they might get bulky. This is just a myth. Experts say that weight lifting can fight the arrival of osteoporosis. One thing to keep in mind is not to overdo and always have someone for guidance.

Weight lifting
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Tai Chi

As people grow older, they are at a risk of injuring themselves by falling. Tai Chi helps you build balance and prevents you from falling often.

Tai Chi
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Walking is a very good way of improving your cardiac health. A healthy heart is a sign of a young body. Experts also say that walking can decrease the risk of Dementia by one- third.

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Different types of workouts have different outcomes. They are all important and effective in their own way. So do let us know if you try any of these exercises.